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ATTENTION - If Your Blog Articles Aren't Ranking Read On, & Find Out How Our Online Course Can Help You Dominate Google.
How I Took A Blog With Zero Traffic, & No Front Page Rankings, and Evolved It Into A Ranking Machine That Generates 10-20 Targeted Daily Leads For Our Business.
Hi, Jason Lee here, and possibly like you I was a struggling blogger incapable of ranking content on my site, no matter what I tried...let me explain.

About 3 years ago I launched my first blog.

The kickoff looked like this:  Create 10 high quality articles, chalk them full of content that my target market would love, and wait for traffic.

I also did everything else the "gurus" and "experts" told me to...

I created an Avatar, determined user intent...

I wrote articles on a daily basis.

I included images, videos, and other rich media.

I used article syndication, video sharing sites, forums, directories, and more.

I did an SEO rain dance.


I was ready to throw in the towel.

But then I decided to do something crazy...I STARTED OVER!

Here is my story.......
 How I Achieved Front Page Rankings, Acquired More Than 60,000 Social Shares, & Landed Business Partnerships That Allowed Us To Walk Away From Corporate America...In Less Than 12 Months.
Before we get into what resulted in our success, let me rewind a little...

Three years ago I worked in an office void of sunlight and absent of anything resembling joy.

I hated my mornings, well Mondays through Fridays anyways.

It was the same ritual every day...

...wake up groggy-eyed at 5am, brush my teeth, shower, and fight traffic 45 minutes to work.

...hate life for another 8 hours while working a totally unfulfilling job.

...and finally fight traffic again 45 minutes home.

Don't get me wrong, I was grateful for the job; it paid my bills, fed my family, and put food on our table.


It left me totally empty on the inside. I was simply existing to earn a paycheck.
"That's when I decided to start a blog..."
I still remember getting excited about the concept:

...residual income and product sales, all without the hassle of dealing with customers!

So I thought why not, what do I have to lose?

Plus it SEEMED easy.
"So I launched my first blog, with dreams of building the largest business in my niche."
I was off to the races...

I built my first site, slapped Wordpress on it, and thought all I had to do was figure out how to rank a few articles!

I studied every book and took every course I could on SEO.

I bought into fancy marketing gimmicks and phrases that other SEO "experts" made up...

I fell for every sales trick in the book...have you ever bought a course because it promised you a fancy certificate about as good as toilet paper thinking it would solve your SEO problems?

YUP, that was us =(.

But eventually I ranked a couple articles on the front page of Google!

And the leads came pouring in ready to join my business and buy my products right?

How My First Website Failure Revealed The SEO Strategy That Unlocked Success With My Second Website
Note: This concept was the foundation that resulted in multiple articles being shared 60,000+ times, endless leads, & an email list of 1000+ targeted subscribers
(one of our business partners from these leads was even a state Senator)!!
So what changed between our first blog and our second you ask?
"We Redesigned Our Site to Look First Class & Built an Audience by Learning True Search Marketing Strategies That Really Worked"
If you're thinking to yourself: "design has nothing to do with SEO you'd be right and wrong at the same time."

I'm going to give you some priceless information now that will save you years of struggle in the blogging world.

Are you ready?

People will judge your leadership, your capabilities, your skill level, and even your business by the look and feel of your site within a handful of seconds after interacting with it!

So what this means is, if you're a top performer in your niche, but your site looks like it was put together by a 3rd ARE TOAST online.

You see, we were ranking some content on our first blog.

But when people came to visit, they left as fast as they arrived due to the shoddy design. They didn't even stay to read the article they found in the search engines!

Here's a look at our old site at its absolute best:

YUCK right? Well it's not horrible, but it's not first class either.

When your design isn't first class people simply don't stick around after finding your content.

They don't read anything, they don't get to know you, they don't opt-in, and in the end they NEVER become a lead or a customer.

Although bounce rate is an argued point in the SEO community, what good does traffic do you if you can't convert it???

This is ultimately why we decided to start over. We knew redesigning our existing site would take far longer than simply starting fresh again.

Now keep in mind, the new design on our site was only one piece of the puzzle that eluded us the first time, but it was a critical piece.
"The Second Critical Piece to Our Blogging Challenge Was Beating Our Competitors in Google For Powerful Keywords Our Target Customers & Prospects Were Searching For."
Ranking for longtail keywords isn't that difficult if you understand a little bit about SEO...anyone can do that.

The thing that separates the pros from the joes in this industry of ranking content is whether or not you can rank competitive phrases of 2 to 3 words in length and drive massive amounts of traffic.

As you saw in one of our previous videos, we've mastered the art of viral SEO.

Here's an image of just two posts that continue to bring us 100's of targeted monthly leads in our niche...notice the share counts?
Now regardless of what you think of the network marketing niche, the fact is that ranking for keyword phrases like these (2-3 word phrases targeted in nature) will bring you HUGE results, regardless of the type of market you operate in.

When we started to do this at will, things changed dramatically in our business as you can imagine.

Here are just a few things that transpired as a result of these ranking achievements:
  •   6 industry leaders that generated 6 to 7 figure incomes in their previous companies joined our business venture (including a state senator!)
  •   Major companies doing 8 to 9 figures in annual sales in our market called us to hire us for our services, exclusively
  •   One of our blog articles was featured on Wistia as a leading example of how to create Calls to Action!
  •   One of the Top 50 most influential people in our market brought us on board as an equal partner to launch a software platform to serve millions
  •   We became the fastest growing sales organization in our company, bringing on hundreds of sales reps in less that 12 months
  •   We built a list of hyper targeted email subscribers to 1000+ in under 30 days
These are just a handful of examples of things that transpired as a result of mastering the trade of SEO.
So How Do You Master SEO, & Get The Results We Had?
Simple...Complete The Alpha SEO Course & Learn How To Dominate Search From Field Experts Like Us, Period.
So What's In The Course?
Course Summary
  •   Full Lifetime Access to the Alpha SEO Course
  •   6 Core Modules
  •   29 Actionable, No-Fluff Video Lessons
  •   Checklists, Cheatsheets, & Handouts
  •   Access to Our Private Facebook Blogging Mastermind Group
  •   Ranking YouTube Videos - Bonus Lessons!
Early Bird Pricing: (Normally $599)
Student Level: (Prerequisites)
10 Hours
What Makes ALPHA SEO Different?
The trainers inside Alpha SEO not only run successful blogs, but have mastered cutting edge ranking techniques that are current with Google's Algorithm updates.

In this course we divulge EXACTLY what top ranking bloggers are doing today. We hide NOTHING from you, including grey hat strategies that many professional ranking experts are using today, despite what they tell you.

Your payment today includes lifetime access to this course, which will be updated on an ongoing basis to keep you current!
What's In The Course
Module 1: Setting The Foundation For SEO
  •   1.1: Setting Up Your Website For SEO
  •   1.2: Optimizing Wordpress Settings
  •   1.3: Yoast SEO Plugin
  •   1.4: Categories, Tags, & Pages
  •   1.5: Installing & Setting Up Your Sitemap
  •   1.6: How To Use Google Webmaster Tools to Catapult Your Results
  •   1.7: Controlling What Google Views on Your Site
Module 2: Researching Easy-To-Rank Topics & Finding Your Niche
  •   2.1: Defining Your Target Market & Niche
  •   2.2: Keyword Research Intro
  •   2.3: 7 Ways to Perform Keyword Research
  •   2.4: Competitor Analysis
Module 3: Creating Blog Content & On Page SEO
  •   3.1: Understanding Content Marketing
  •   3.2: Blog Post Blueprint
  •   3.3: Creating Content
  •   3.4: Creating & Analyzing Headlines
  •   3.5: Image Preparation
  •   3.6: Creating an Optimized Blog Post
Module 4: Ranking Your Website
  •   4.1: Analyzing Your Competitors Link Profiles
  •   4.2: Link Building Strategies
  •   4.3: Alternative Traffic Sources
  •   4.4: Private Blog Networks
Module 5: Tracking & Analyzing Your Results
  •   5.1: Tracking & Conversions
  •   5.2: Google Analytics
Module 6: Understanding, Avoiding, & Recovering From Ranking Penalities
  •   5.1: Negative SEO & Spam
  •   5.2: Algorithm Updates & Staying Current
BONUSES: YouTube Video SEO
  •   BONUS #1: YouTube Video SEO
  •   BONUS #2: YouTube Annotations & Cards
What You'll Learn
  •   How choose keywords and keyword phrases that you can easily rank for to get quick wins on traffic.
  •   The exact steps for crafting the perfect blog post that Google will love.
  •   How to reveal your competitors link-building strategies and then beat them in the search engines, even if their keywords are competitive.
  •   Why the top dogs are using private blog networks, how they use them, and how you can create and use them as well to dethrone your competition with authority...yes, we teach you how to build a PBN!
  •   How to setup your blog for SEO, including which plugins we use and more!
  •   The best ways to utilize Google's free tools to get the most out of your ranking efforts. We give you the skinny on Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, & Keyword Planner!
  •   Discover the anatomy of a blog post to help your posts go viral on social.
  •   Learn the marketing techiniques we used to help our posts to go viral on social.
  •   How to rank your blog images in Google, driving tons of alternative traffic!
  •   What to do to avoid and if necessary recover from a Google ranking penalty. Hopefully you're never hit by one of these, but we'll help you work through it if you've become a victim.
  •   What to do if an SEO troll hits you with negative SEO. Unfortunately this can happen to the best of us. If you aren't prepared it can tank your site.
  •   Tons of bonus content by one of our expert trainers on YouTube SEO, including the strategies that work today to rank your videos. HINT: the things you thought once worked probably don't anymore.
The Founders Promise
Hi, Jason Lee here and here is my promise to you. I promise to give you the best product using all of my ability and holding nothing back. I promise to fully refund your money within the guaranteed trial period should you be dissatisfied, and will do everything in my power to make things right if you are unhappy. I will always be honest, transparent, and ethical in ALL of our products. Please let me know at any point how I can serve you better and thank you for your future order.
Meet The Trainers
Jason Lee
Jason Lee is the founder and lead trainer for Alpha SEO. Jason has an extensive background in SEO, blogging, and in utilizing the Systematic Approach to Training to develop training programs and deliver training curriculum to highly qualified professionals.

Jason runs a marketing company and private coaching business that helps business owners expand their brands online. His most recent client, Kenya Crooks from (responsible for training Toni Braxton & other celebrities) grew his business from $28,000 per month to over $205,000 per month after private mentorship from Jason in the areas of SEO, affiliate, and internet marketing.

Jason is an expert in the areas of training, paid and organic traffic, email marketing, content marketing, graphics, CSS, advanced sales techniques, sales funnels, blogging, and more.
Lisa Jahred
The trainers inside Alpha SEO run extremely successful blogs and Lisa Jahred is no exception. Lisa not only mastered the art of training in the corporate world on a healthy six figure income, but retired from that life early after implementing many of the blogging principles she shares in this course with you! Here are some of the notable accomplishments she has achieved:
  •   Acquired over 11,000 customers marketing health and wellness using ONLY SEO (no paid advertising)
  •   Ranked in the top 10 of her company out of 250,000 sales reps due to her SEO success.
  •   Generated over 28,000 monthly unique visitors to her blog in less than 8 months!
Lisa's is an expert marketer in the areas of blogging, SEO, and YouTube video marketing. Lisa shares some of her best kept secrets as powerful bonuses for our members in the members section.

Lisa is also a Cofounder of Alpha SEO.
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